My name is Elizabeth Romanini and I would like to welcome you to my website. I know it is customary to start introductions with my formal background in art education, unfortunately in that respect there is little to say about me! I have had no specific training to become an artist, with the exception of hard work and a love for what I do. To be fair I did take a five week class at UC Santa Cruz for scientific illustration, which was a wonderful experience. This class helped me to see that with persistence and dedication I could be good at this as a career. I have to say, my best classroom has been nature itself and a fascination with drawing animals since childhood.

I try to show a respect for nature in my work by maintaining a sense of realism. I do extensive research on the habits and habitats of all my subjects before I begin a drawing. The images I create are made from several sources including sketches from live birds or other animal specimens, and whatever other foliage etc. I might bring into my studio. I rarely use photographs unless there is no other choice or no availability of specimens. When I do use photographs they are always ones that I have taken myself. It is very important to me to be as accurate as I can, though sometimes I allow a more creative approach to guide me.

I sincerely hope that visiting my site is an enjoyable experience for you. I am always happy to get input and opinions on my work, so please feel free to send comments or questions about what you see here. I hope you leave this site with a better appreciation for the nature that is around you, so the next bird or little frog you see will put a smile on your face.

My Kind Regards,

Elizabeth Romanini