Giclee (pronounced "zhee-clay") is French for "squirt" or "spray". The giclee printing process is one of the premier methods for reproducing art today. IRIS Giclee prints are made using and IRIS printer which is capable of spraying millions of microscopic droplets of ink per second. These dots are so small that each droplet can only be viewed under a microscope. Instead of seeing dots, the human eye only registers a slow tonal gradation. Since the inks are all water-based, the entire process is nontoxic and environmentally safe. When combined with 100% cotton fiber paper or canvas, these printers are capable of reproducing original works of art, paintings, and photographs with astounding accuracy and longevity.

By using the finest printers, inks, and substrates (archival papers and canvases) they are able to truly capture the artist's original intent. The right combination results in an unbelievable saturation and depth of color, producing a beautiful finished product worthy of the respect of artists and art collectors alike. Giclees are prints befitting the definition of fine art in every way.